According to the online dictionary, telecommunications is a kind of communications wherein both parties are very far from each other. The communication is possible because of technological means. A long time ago, telecommunication is only done by making use of visual signals, like fire, smoke signals, flags and many more. It is only in the 19th century that wireless telecommunications is being pioneered. But now, you can surely notice that there are many things that could not have been possible without the wireless telecommunications. Just imagine yourself not to be able to call someone when you really need to contact them.


Before, you still need to write a letter and wait for days before you will get the response. It just goes without saying that telecommunications is one of the most important end result of the advancement of technology. Knowing the power of telecommunications, it is a very essential tool for every business. I just can’t imagine any business flourishing without utilizing the modern day telecommunications. For a more understanding about telecommunications, here are some of the reasons why a business is somewhat cripple without it:

–       It can make your work a lot faster – yes of course, with the use of telecommunication, your staff can achieve more in just a short time. They can do the same things at once even if there is only one person supervising them and they are in different places as instructions can be done via mobile phones, emails or some other ways of telecommunicating. Just imagine how slow the progress their work would be if only one person has to travel here and there just to give instructions.

–        The bosses can decide more quickly even if they are attendingngs to attend to like you are in a business trip, through calls, you will b other matters – this is true of course as even if you as the owner of the company have other thie notified of the progress in your company and you can decide through that. Your staff would have done nothing and will just wait for you to arrive had there been no telecommunications.

–        Can generate more clients – because your possible clients can contact your office and can inquire about your company, they can become one of your promising clients even if you have not met them yet and they are only explained via mobile phones or through your online websites in the internet or even acquiring web optimisation services. That is still part of telecommunications.

–        You can transmit data in a matter of minutes – there is no need for you to actually send a staff just to send a message as through the power of telecommunications, you can now do this either by emails or fax. You can even send as many data as you want in a day which could have been impossible without telecommunications.

–        Less expenses – because some business nowadays are utilizing virtual assistants, they can now run their company even with just a smaller space as they don’t need that many people anymore. So, their expenses decreased.

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