5 Deliverables To Be Expected From A Wedding Videography Firm

Videography has always been an essential part of every wedding event. The budget wedding videography Melbourne cover every small details of the occasion, making the videos a lifetime asset. Nowadays with the development of technology, different types of cameras and related accessories are used to deliver a stunning video. Gone are the days when a traditional video shot from one angle was given as the final output. Trolleys, moving cameras, overhead cameras, cameras attached to drones combined with different types of lighting are used to produce exceptional quality videos.

Every wedding videography company will promise certain deliverables; but it’s good to know what you are paying for and what kind of videos you should expect from them. The first and foremost deliverable should be the traditional video. This video must aim at covering the entire wedding as it is. The main focus of this video shall be the bride and groom. Along with the bride and groom, the guests should also be covered in the video, making them feel that they are an important part of the wedding. This video generally lasts for the entire length of the wedding.

The next kind of video is a short film or a wedding montage as videographers would call it. This video includes snippets from the main video, put together to form a nice five to ten minute video. It is short, precise and gives an overall view of the wedding and it’s more like a cinematic storytelling. These kinds of videos are preferred nowadays as it is easier to share among friends. The third type of video is a candid video. In wedding videography, taking candid shots is an essential part. Videos of people shot candidly usually turn out to be a beautiful one and remembered for a long time. This video is fun to watch and there is no specific length to it.

Live streaming or webcast is another form of videography. With internet and social media storming the world, it has become so much easier to share your wedding video with your family and friends across the world. A video camera connected to wired/wireless internet lets the videographer stream the entire event worldwide. The fifth kind of video that a wedding videography company ought to deliver is “Video scrapbooks”. This video is generally played on a screen during the wedding. It is a collection of photos of the bride and groom, their families, friends, a photo shoot, childhood photos and happy moments. Typically, it tells the guests about the bride and groom.

Once the videos are shot, the work of a wedding videographer does not end there. Post-production is as equal as shooting the videos. Editing the videos, adding photo filters and soundtracks, adjusting backgrounds, adding slow motion where necessary, etc. are some of the important post-production tasks that they take care of. Wedding videos last more than a lifetime. So make sure to hire the perfect team of wedding videography for your big day and customize the right kind of deliverables based on your wedding story.

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