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In today’s world where computer and internet have now become a part of our daily lives, it is no wonder that our form telecommunications today is advanced. With the use of the internet, our telecommunications have broaden that we are now able to talk to people even if they are from the other side of the world. Our telecommunication’s system is being maintained by the ICT people and at the same time, they are also looking for ways on how to improve it. The cellular phones, the radios, smart phones are a few of the many products of telecommunications.

As our technology advances, our way of living also gets better. We have now machines that do jobs for us like washing machines, toasters, and many other innovations that have been making our life easier. One of the areas that gets a lot of benefits when our technology advances is the telecommunications industry. This advancement may even lead to a successful teleportation process. Who knows, right? Who could have imagines that with just facing the computer you are now able to communicate to your relatives who are miles away from you? Even before that, have our ancestors imagined themselves communicating to the other tribes with the use of cellular phones? Thanks to our genius ancestors who have made our lives a lot easier than their lives before. We would not be living as comfortable as we are if not for them.

The cellular phones, smart phones, radios, televisions are a form of telecommunications because these machines have enabled us to know how are families and relatives are, we are able to know what is happening to the other parts of the world. The recent advancement in the telecommunications industry is the use of holograms. Holograms are virtual representation of the people you are talking to. It will enable you to talk to someone as if you are talking face to face because you really are, except that you are just seeing the virtual version. Even if you are just seeing the virtual version of the person you are talking to, it is better than not seeing them at all. Though there are now a lot of computer software that supports video calling, holograms are still better because you can possibly see them like they are just in front of you, what they are wearing, everything like both of you are talking face to face. But this feature is not yet on the grasp of the general public. This is still being perfected by the ICT people to be of use to everyone.

Many people are now interested in telecommunications that they choose to take up courses which is inclined to using computers to make the system better. We should be thankful to these people since they are the ones who are making our lives better and they are the ones easing our worries for our families who are far from us. They are also the ones who made it possible for us to know what is now happening to all the places in the world.

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