An accommodation is the place to live temporarily. Students and foreigners take this place where they avail facilities according to their packages. Mostly students use accommodation during their travel for studies and to live somewhere. Wide service of guest is available in accommodation and they can avail all necessary facilities like gym, sports place, dinner and breakfast. Students use accommodation for sharing like 3-4 room mates live in one room and share the burdens and expenses. They give rent by contributing money and avail all the facilities by giving equal fee. Mostly to students their universities provide them accommodation and offer them packages which are affordable and suitable to them. Some of the hotels offer accommodation facility to the farmers, tourist or to the business entities. It’s good to some information about the accommodation you are going to stay in. check about their services, facilities, analyze their market reputation and get info about the packages. It will be much easier for you to compare them to the other rates and to save your money.


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Accommodation should be comfortable and relaxing where you can easily spend your day and without any stress use facilities. Their management will satisfy you with their services. It’s a rule of accommodation to do advance booking. If you are doing booking they will be able to give our room otherwise you will end up with some low class accommodation where you have to spend your days.

Their services are assigned by the stars like some accommodation are 4 stars some are 5 stars and some are 2 stars. You can do your booking according to the size of the room and kind of facilities you need during this time period. Student accommodation is basically the long term accommodation with the contract. Some student select personal accommodation but most of them live in universities provided place. Students one is kind of hard because they have to pay their fees, fare and rent at the same time.

Majority can’t afford personal one because in that you have to live alone and have to afford all burden alone.  But the one provided by universities, there are about 3-4 roommates and they do everything easily b contributing. This is irritating and uncomfortable first but after sometime you start gaining benefits like you can save some of your money and can spend it to on other things. Good accommodation with great packages is less but after searching definitely you can find them.

Holiday apartments are perfect for those who are planning to have a vacation but with a limited budget.

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