Age Is Not Just A Number

Many people believe in the terminology of age just being a simple number however in Australia people have considered age to be more than numbers, it has been considered in the typical society as the specified threshold which gives birth to certain amounts of prescribed taboo things which are generally not given much acceptance in the society and the current era. People below certified ages are not allowed to smoke and drink whereas people above certain ages have been limited to only certain necessities in their lives. These people are specifically known as the elderly and are treated with the highest gesture of respect in Australia, however, when it comes to senior dating, many people turn the other side because of the age factor.

This sort of ideology which has been taking places in the society has because many elder people to lose their sense of personality and identification in the society. It creates the feeling of mistrust and unbalancing ratio of senior people who are often judged because they want to go out with the opposite sex. The Australian Society has marginalised the essence of senior dating to such an extent that it is not commonly found amongst people or families, thus forcing many senior people to live at the will of their children and relatives without following their own advice.

The senior dating has been mentioned by different Australian magazines that promote the healthy activity by claiming it to be the sense of being alive in these people. Researchers concluded have pulled the curtain down on the effects of promoting such kinds of activities in the Australian outback rather than showing resentment. Many senior have also been recently questioned about their thoughts on these kinds of activities and majority of them have reported it to be healthy and casual rather than turning out to end in marriages or complete new relationships.

The main obstacle according to many theorists in the path of over 40’s dating sites is the power of influence from different people in the person’s lives. When a person grows old enough to be known as a senior, he loses the power of judgment, sight, and taste and becomes endowed upon his children to be taken care off. This makes the children fully focused on the responsibilities and the parenting cycle reverses where children take care of parents and thus many children consider it awkward for their old age parents to take part in endeavours like senior dating involving different old age girls at restaurants and bars. It’s something which has been considered highly unorthodox.

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