All About Timber Floor Removal

First of all, know that there are many types of timber flooring and they vary in width, thickness, installation process and even the types of underlays that are used. The way to remove them will vary as well on their types and how they are installed. Some installation will be hard to remove and there are also those easier to remove. So, if you have no idea about these things, it would be best to hire someone who is an expert or hire a timber floor removal company. Take note that if your house is quite big, and you are planning to do the task yourself, it would surely generate back ache aside from the fact that it will be time consuming. So, if you have your own work, you can just get on with it and let the experts deal with the timber floor removal.

Timber Floor Removal


Anyway, just so you will be informed how timber floor removal is done, first be informed of the three types of timber flooring installation:

– First is the direct stick type. With this type of installation, you will right away understand that the timbers are directly glues to the floor or the concrete slab making them hard to remove being they are properly bonded to the slab. For the removal to be possible you have to cut small portions of the timber flooring and making use of specially designed blade and jackhammer, they will be separated.

– Then there is the plank on ply type of timber flooring installation. This installation is using a kind of underlay thus for the timber floors to be removed, you need only remove the floors but also the underlay. Like what is done in the first type, the floors and the underlay must be cut into small sections after which the sub floor will be lifted off. When that is done, next thing to do will be to remove all the nails that are used.

– The last is the floating type of timber floor installation. This type of timber floor installation is the easiest to remove being the timber floors are floating or not glued not nailed. All you need will be a specially designed blade to remove the timber floors.

When the process is explained, it would seem that the procedure can be easily followed but once you will start working on it, I promise you, it is not as easy as it seems. That is why; instead of skipping from work and deal with the task yourself, you can instead hire the experts to deal with the task. Experts do not need the explanation as they already know these things by heart.

They can easily do this as they have the right equipments, they have the knowledge and most of all, they have the experience. Besides, the reason why you will have the timber floors removed is for you install a new type of flooring or maybe the same type but with new timbers and in the hands of the experts, the completion of the task will be quick.

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