All about Uboards

Technology has changed how virtually everything operates in the whole world and we love discovering new technologies and making something phenomenal using it. Can you imagine yourself moving at a speed of up to fifteen kilometers per hour just standing on a Segway no handles?

When we first found out about this technology, we were instantly hooked and the feeling was even more surreal after boarding this Segway no handles. The feeling is so exhilarating and unreal that we had to share it with the rest of the world and that is the reason we decided to sell it.

In our perfect world everyone would be going to school, work or other place of interest using a Segway no handles. The great thing about buying from us is that we have tried, tested and pushed the boards to the limits so, in essence you are going to be dealing with the real pros.

We push this magnificent machines to the limit every single day at the office and you too can do the same. You can uboard and walk your dog at the same time, you can cook and uboard at the same time and you can even go round your block to the nearest grocer. But, you need to observe all the road safety rules at the same time.

The great thing about the segway without handles is that it is so much cooler than a motorised bicycle or even typical Segway. Our goal is to revolutionise the whole world with this amazing technology and we need you to help us.

One thing we can guarantee is that once you get one, life is going to be so much more fun and exciting, not to mention faster, so you are going to save a lot of your precious seconds as you move around doing your normal errands.

These boards are very handy in an office environment too as they make employees faster from place to place and also help in saving the company’s time as well not to mention the thrill of doing errands when cruising through.

Have you been wondering why so many artistes are using these boards during their performances/ well, they are able to fully utilise the stage without getting too tired to give the crowd an amazing performance. Don’t be left behind, get your board and start living life on the fast lane. The moment you get one you’ll be cursing yourself for not getting one sooner.

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