Arcade Machines: Where Is It Now?

Looking back at the era wherein arcade machines were widespread, you can’t help but feel sentimental yearning as you reminisce your moments as a child where you spend your coins on nothing but playing arcade games. There may be children born on 00’s and weren’t introduced to the once popular form of entertainment, whose minds are currently baffled as they read this, so let us introduce to them the arcade machine.

What is an arcade machine? Arcade machine is a coin-operated business model typically installed in public places such as amusement arcade, restaurants, or bars. Most arcade games are video games, electro-mechanical games, and pinball machines. The golden age of arcade games emerged around late 1970’s and ended in sometime in the early 2000’s.

Way back before smart phones and computers took over and became a necessity to people’s lives, arcade machines were a hit especially to teenagers. Numerous coins were spent for arcade games. Some, due to addiction and being overly-attached to arcade games, spend a day just to play. Shouts of victory always dominate the place when one wins over a game, while the opponent either rages or gets challenged for the next round. Arcade games were popular back in the 80’s. Most children play arcade games for pastime during their leisure and to entertain themselves. Arcade games as an amusement was trendy back then. What happened now?

There are a lot of games you can play in an arcade machine. With just a coin, you will find yourself enjoying while playing a couple of games, may it be Super Mario, Pac-Man, Pinball, car-racing games, or the wrestling games. You name it. Whatever game it is, it gives you happiness as you indulge yourself to these games. You’ll never regret inserting your coin to try just one game, because that coin could provide enjoyment as much as any kind of entertainment does.

When arcade game producers made machines in the 80’s, its profit was rising fast as it was sought-after mostly by kids or/and teenagers. Fast forward to 2015, despite the fact that arcade machines aren’t as prevalent as it was before anymore, there are still a couple of machines you could see out there. The locations where arcade machines used to stand and waited to get played were replaced with new business models. Even those arcade games were modernized which can already be played at your smart phone. These arcade machines were defeated by the modern Xbox, Nintendo, online computer games, etc. But even so, there are still some arcade game owners who prefer old school. Though it isn’t as regnant as it was before, these few owners chose their passion for arcade gaming and made it as their business.

Passing by an arcade and then suddenly nostalgia rushes in as you remember those days of arcade generation; don’t you get that feeling? It jumpstarts the playful spirit in you and unleashes your childishness and you just want to run to it and forget your work.

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