Carpet Cleaners and How they Make your Carpets Clean

Carpets are prone to dirt and bacteria that cause the sick building syndrome. How do you know if you have already been infected with the sick building syndrome? Well, you may have runny nose, watery and red eyes, and non-stop sneezing. You may wonder where and how you get all those symptom? The answer could be your carpets. The dirt and the bacteria are not visible to the naked eye. This is true for the mites that lay their eggs at the dark bottom of the carpets. You need the expertise of carpet cleaners to turn your place to a safe zone all over again. The household vacuum cleaners lack the power and strength when it comes to penetrating the bottom layers of the carpets. The ways to bring back the health of your carpet is through the experts hands of carpet cleaners. Listed below are the different methods that they use so as to bring back the look of your carpet but more importantly, to make it clean and healthy again:



  1. Wet method or the shampoo carpet cleaning– this is used by the carpet cleaners for carpets that are already classified as very high on dirt, soil, and stains. Depending on where you live, the carpet cleaners may have to remove all carpets and take them to a cleaning facility and re-install the carpets after few days. This is because your area might be high in humidity and drying might become a problem. But if you live in a dry area, the shampooing can be done at your place and drying time might only take few hours
  2. Dry method carpet cleaning– there are different kinds of dry method of carpet cleaning that carpet cleaners use. One method is the capsule encapsulation where some foamy cleaning solution is used. The foam is quick to dry and this is agitated so it will go down further. The dirt and the mites are attracted to the foamy substance which will form into capsules and can be vacuumed. Then there is also the bonnet cleaning method where some quick dry cleaning solution is applied and then the bonnet with adhesive pads will effectively remove all the dirt and mites.

The carpet cleaners Adelaide can diagnose and analyze which cleaning method is appropriate for your carpet and at the same time the one that is appropriate in your area.

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