Catering is the activity of giving food and beverage for the occasions.  There are 2 kinds of Caterers which is either independent or individual within a specific department of facility (like hotel, institution, restaurant, venue, etc.)

Catering will also provide full range of events, weddings, exhibitions, conferences, business meetings, special events and many other social occasions.  Caterers are also responsible to manage the food and beverage, and also handle event decorations, A/V and other feature of the programs. But caterers need to consider to satisfy guests.

From the flower to flatware’s, lighting to linens and table to music, everything should enhance the food, to make a unified over all, one of a kind experience. You want every aspect connected to each other.


  • Does the venue appropriate to the event, weather and number of people? It does not matter how beautiful is the surrounding gardens, if you will let your guest attired in inaccurate to the events and weather. You need to plan and think and considering things, like the guest attire, if it’s fit on occasion, venue and weather.


  • Does the menu right for the events and tastes of the people? In catering food, it must to have coordination to the people who will have the events and have sample of taste of every food in menu that will prepare for the party and make sure that the food that will be present presentable.


  • Does the Décor fit to the venue occasion? White linen, and crystal stemware perhaps not be the most accurate setting of table for casual, pool-side barbecue party.

Whenever it’s a party’s or corporate event, the goal must still the same:  Provide 100% of satisfaction to the guests.

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