Choosing the Right Colours for Your Website

When creating a site, choosing the colour to use is not an easy task. While you may already have a preferred colour in mind, you still need to consider several things. Including, does it match your text? Your image? Or is it easy on the eyes? Without considering all these, your website will not attract users.

Colour also plays an important role when we are making design decisions. In fact, according to the Color Marketing Group, a professional organisation for colour designers, they found out that up to 85 percent of the reason why people buy one product over another is because of colour.

To help you out in your decision, here’s some interesting details about the most common colour choice.

Red – According to a recent study from Rajesh Bagchi, Pamplin College of Business and Amar Cheema, McIntire School of Commerce, red can increase our aggression that makes us buy products on an impulse. It can also make us crave and affect our appetite. Using this will help you if have a food business or e-commerce site.

Green – If your website has something to do with nature, environment or you are selling organic products, green is your best choice. Our mind also remembers green products better.

Black – If you are targeting higher-class audience use Black. This is because it represents luxury, power, sophistication, and elegance. This is commonly the reason why many brands like Chanel, Rolls Royce and Loreal use this.

Blue – This is associated with calmness, stability and security. Some of the famous brands that use this are Dell, Oral- B, General Electronics, and American Express.

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