Color Your Roof

Your roof on your home is the part of your home that can be seen from far and wide and needs to look attractive and neat. A roof that has peeling and peeling paint is an eyesore and really doesn’t give a great image of your home. An unkempt roof is sign of neglect.

The first thing you notice about a roof is the color. The color is an important factor when painting any roof. Certain colors don’t always look completely smooth and can sometimes look patchy which doesn’t do much for the appearance of your home. Many interior designers are fond of a black roof because of the fact that it seldom has that patchy appearance but in hot climates, this is not a logical choice in roof color. In many instances a meeting with roof painter Perth will allow you an opportunity to gain some advice on a color for your home’s roof.


Your roof painters may suggest that your steer clear of an overly colored roof should your home be an average, traditional home. Of course in some instances this is something that can be adjusted to suit customized home. Perhaps you have a French Villa Style home with gorgeous sea green shutters, a roof to match would add to the authentic style of the home.

If you are lucky enough to own an elegant Mediterranean or Spanish style home, your paint color of choice would have to orange clay as this is Mediterranean styling at its best. Your roof painters will observe the styling of your home and make suggestions accordingly and great roof painters will back their advice up with knowledge and experience.

Always select a neutral color for your roof should you has a home that does not dictate a certain color.

If you happen to have a home that is built from bricks or stone and will always remain that color as it can’t be painted, select your roof color carefully. Combine the natural colors that normally accompany stone type homes with colors that compliment it.

Brick and stone that are combined on a home and are specialized in color will require a more custom color to compliment the finish of the brickwork.

The color of your roof really makes or breaks the appearance of your home. Ensure that the color of the roof blends and combines well with the existing home color or with the tones of the brick and stone. Using professional roof painters who have an eye for matching colors will really help you achieve perfection.

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