Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning is the best way of having carpets cleaned. Whether if it’s a carpet for home or commercial use, professional cleaning will take care of not only making sure that the carpets are clean but also looking and smelling fresh and well taken cared for. When calling in a team to perform commercial carpet cleaning, there are a few steps they follow that clients should expect for them to do as it is a part of their service. What should clients expect from a commercial carpet cleaning session? Here are three general steps that are taken before, during and after a professional carpet cleaning session is performed.

Inspections and pre-treatment

Commercial carpet cleaning begins with inspections and pre-treatment. The inspection starts with checking the room where the carpet is being used and the furniture that are on top of the carpet such as sofas and tables just to name a few are removed. The carpet is then examined for the most amounts of soiling and traffic and is given a pre-cleaning treatment. This pre-treatment consists of solutions that will help make the cleaning faster and easier for the team. The clients themselves can remove the furniture to make sure that their belongings are not mishandled.

Cleaning process

When the carpet is ready for treatment, the commercial carpet cleaning can then commence. The carpet cleaning team proceeds with using their signature carpet cleaning technique. At this point, it would be best if the home owners or commercial workers would let commercial carpet cleaning Sydney concentrate on getting their work done. In work environments, clients can put a designated path for their employees to take during the cleaning process to avoid creating more traffic which can hamper the cleaning being done.

Post cleaning

After the commercial carpet cleaning team has finished cleaning the carpets, it is best for the clients to allow the carpets to be dried out fully, especially when the methods used are hot water extraction, bonnet method or shampoo method. It is also important for people to know that should the commercial carpet cleaning method being used makes use of water, the floor underneath the carpet will be wet or at least have a certain degree of moisture and people should be warned about accidents regarding slipping.  While the carpets can be used after it is cleaned, people are encouraged not to use shoes worn right from the streets to discourage having the newly cleaned carpets from gaining traffic right after it has been cleaned.

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