Converting a Custom Shed for Storage into Living Space

It is not difficult to convert a Sunshine Coast custom sheds used for storage into a comfortable space for living. All the things that are needed are higher insulation, moisture resistant cement board, apartment sized appliances, waterproof flooring and premium high-gloss paint. Install R-15 or higher insulation in the storage space. Because a small space can seem even smaller when it is is not comfortable, installing premium insulation will provide a more comfortable atmosphere inside the shed and ultimately make anyone feel comfortable. Next, wiring for the appliances to be used inside the shed should be installed. Though the living space is small, it can hold many appliances which any normal house would have. These appliances need to be connected to separate breakers to prevent a problem with the electric supply.

The walls of the custom shed should be covered with waterproof cement board such as PermaBase which could be slightly more expensive than the normal plasterboard. This is because condensation builds up in a small space and can cause a number of problems later on. PermaBase is a kind of sheeting, which is resistant to moisture and will prevent the dangers of condensation. Next, the interior should be painted with light colour high-gloss paint because light colours can make a room feel larger and high-gloss paint which reflects light prevent a gloomy and dark interior. The installation of operable skylights will address the issues of natural light and ventilation. Then, a quality waterproof floor should be installed and a area rugs should be put down whenever there is the need for carpeting. A leak is a disaster anywhere because the flooring can be ruined in a short space of time. It is much easier to use a wet/dry vacuum and clean a few area rugs than to remove everything and have the flooring changed.

Next, the planning for small space living in the custom shed should be considered because the space won’t seem as small, if every detail has been planned out. For instance, consideration should be given to building bathroom and kitchen walls that have plenty of built in shelving that faces the living space outside. Similarly, a wall built on the back of the shed for the kitchen and bathroom can easily be used as shelving or other items. A sweeping loft should be built with lower walls wherever possible, because they are ideal for use in small spaces, freeing up the space below. A sleeping loft can free up 60 ft.² and though this may not seem like a big deal, remember that the total living area is only around 120 ft.² and a loft can make all the difference between being cramped and being comfortable. Other tips include buying appliances designed for apartments or RVs, buying Japanese style corner tubs of spa shower stalls, buying a toilet with a sink at the top to eliminate a vanity.





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