Cool Things To Do In Broome

Broome has always been a cosmopolitan town embracing a lot of stunning natural beauty and interesting history. As connected to its multicultural and pearling population, this place is embracing a reputation for having a vibrant social life. Situated in the Roebuck Bay region, it is enclosed by white beaches, turquoise water, and rich red outcrops.

Things to See and Do

Aerial flights: This place has a lot of charters that are readily available to see . Each one caters for trips across Buccaneer Archipelago as well as into the Gorges along the Gibb River Road and Mitchell Plateau.

Anastasia’s Pool: Situated at the Gantheaume Point, this place has a perfect round pool built by Anastasia, the former lighthouse keeper for his wife. She suffered from arthritis, with her body relief in the pool.

Art Galleries: If you want to see the art and beauty of the crafts, Broome has it. It is a home to a wide array of art galleries specializing in indigenous and local art.

Bedford Park: Located on the overlooking beautiful Roebuck Bay is the spot of Broome’s War Memorial. This park embraces features of a wide array of memorabilia, which includes a replica of the sea chests by William Dampier.

Broome Bird Observatory: Situated just 18 kms from the Broome vicinity and on the shores of Roebuck Bay, the visitors can share their amazing story with the Broome’s migratory shorebirds. It was believed that these birds came from Siberia. WIth over 800,000 shorebirds visiting Australia annually, North West in particular has been regarded as the most significant location in Australia for shorebirds.

Broome Brewery: One of the first boutique brewery was opened in 1997. This brewery is located in Matso’s Gallery. If you think that this is the last brewery, you are wrong because history states that this is the only brewery throughout Kimberley. If you want to explore more, Brewhouse is open for viewing all the time. For a unique experience, drink the ginger beer is recommended.

Broome Crocodile Park: This park has been a home to hazardous salt water crocodiles and fresh water crocodiles. The whole thing from small babies to huge 5-metre crocodiles are viewable.

There are a lot of things to do in Broome to all people of different ages with an ideal climate, full range of accommodations, stunning natural beauty, shopping and dining. Due to its location and regular air service within Australia, it is the major destination for Australian and international visitors.

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