Difference Of Plantation Shutters From Traditional Shutters

Plantation Shutters are technically the same in concept as traditional shutters; they are made of the same materials which are often hardwood like teak, mahogany and others. These shutters are made with a frame to reinforce the build; has louvres that open and closes as how shutters should, a control rod that controls the operation of the louvres.

Plantation Shutters are like any other traditional shutters, frames are mounted on the wall of your windows, either inside or outside just like any other shutters. Plantation shutters provide not just shade or cover from the sun’s rays or daylight, not just rain and extreme weather; rather they provide safety and protection from outside intrusions too, providing privacy without sacrificing a classy look.



Plantation Shutters just like a traditional shutter gives added value to any house, by giving extra appeal to the interior and exterior of the house or property. Many people love the look of a house with a fully covered set of windows that has such shutters mounted.

Since the introduction of these types of window coverings, many people prefer them over the other types of shutters, as it provides a better view of the outdoors versus traditional shutters. These Plantation Shutters are designed to have wider planks or louvres, each may have from two inches width up to four inches width, each plank or louvre, thus providing a bigger gap in each louvre, resulting to a bigger viewing space.

Aside from its major advantage of giving a better view of the outdoors, Plantation Shutters also does provide other advantages such as easy cleaning due to its construction, materials used such as fiberglass or hardwood that is treated with varnish or paint, having bigger gap would mean easier access in between those plank or louvers for easy cleaning of dust and dirt; aside from the fact that it also provides added aesthetics to your house, both interior and exterior.

Overall, these Plantation Shutters are technically the same as traditional shutters except for the fact that they have different size or width of louvres. Traditional shutters have a standard one-inch wide louvre, whereas these come in variations depending on the demand or custom design that was requested by the owner or buyer. Custom fitting categories such as arches, full height or so-called café, multiple or single panel design; mostly readily available in most shops, Do It Yourself centres, Depots and Warehouses.

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