Different Types of Window Shutters From Belle Blinds & Shutters

You should have your windows covered with treatments of your choice. Good thing, there are now several types of treatments for a typical homeowner. One of the suppliers of inexpensive yet durable treatments is Belle Blinds & Shutters.

Below are their offered products:


With a contemporary and stylish look, this type of window shutter offers security to your home whilst enhancing its looks. You have almost unlimited options, which can be used internally or externally or both if you want to. This is also best for your balcony, courtyards or outdoor areas. They are moisture-resistant, so you can also use this type of shutter in wet areas, such as your bathroom and similar places.

What you can expect from this company:

  • 5-year warranty
  • Different painted finishes to choose from
  • Resistant to many hazardous elements
  • Hinged, bi-folding, sliding


These are made from the famous Western Red Cedar. This also comes with a 5-year. It is undeniably one of the most attractive shutters because of the unique combination of colour.

Basswood Shutter

Basswood shutters are just one of the most popular types out there. The reason is that they are warp-resistant. Though it’s not completely warp-resistant compared to others made of wood, they are most unlikely to warp.

This comes with many benefits, such as it is not porous. Therefore, it works well with adhesives, which makes the shutters easier to manufacture using basswood. It is also easy-to-clean and maintain.


Of course, these are made with PVC material and are equipped with a crack-prevention feature against possible sudden change of temperature in areas with high temperature. One of the best features of PVC materials is they are not susceptible to UV rays and they are the best when it comes to protecting your place from possible typhoons.

Belle Blinds & Shutters is indeed the company to check if you are looking for window treatments. For inexpensive yet with high-quality window treatments, you should give them a call.

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