Discover The Hidden Treasures of Puerto Galera

The Philippines they say is full of hidden treasures. Yes, there are a lot of tourist spots that are posted online but the thing is, there are more that are yet to be discovered. This is even the reason why, despite being part of the third countries, still tourists from all over the world can hardly be missed. In fact, this is the reason why even in remote areas, you can see resorts that are world class and even quite expensive. This is because they don’t really expect locals to check them out but instead, they cater more to tourists. Yes, this is also a sad fact but understandable for the locals don’t need to find accommodations since they are just mostly nearby. But tourists are always flocking in and out. Try looking for an accommodation without reservation and you will end up on the streets for sure.

puerto galera

One of the most well-endowed area is the Puerto Galera. Actually, you might be surprised to know that despite its popularity, it is really just a municipality and part of Mindoro province. You can say indeed that popularity wise, Puerto Galera beats some of the provinces in the country and for good reasons. These reasons are actually the reasons at the same time, while tourist guides always have food in their table. Yes, this place hardly misses tourists. They are always flocking with them and tourist guides are always busy touring them around the area.

Puerto Galera has a lot to offer some of the attractions you see in the most popular Boracay are also here like the henna tattoo, fire dancing, bars at night beside the sea and still many others. If you will check out Puerto Galera yourself even if you are just one of the locals or if you are one of the tourists, for sure you will not regret it. You can really say that your vacation is time well spent.

Aside from those who are just looking for a place to rest and they found peacefulness in Puerto Galera, there are also those who are seeking for a new spot to explore with their diving skills and Puerto Galera can also be one of the best spots. Yes, there are a number of diving resorts in this municipality and they can even provide wreck diving as they have stored a number of shipwrecks. So, if you are one of them, check out some of these diving resorts now and book into one of them. For sure one of your bucket lists will be erased. Just make sure that you will really book ahead of your scheduled travel since you know very well that Puerto Galera has a lot to offer and therefore, accommodations, even the most expensive ones can be fully booked right away.

Yes, Puerto Galera is indeed worth your precious time and your hard earned money. While you still can, take a time to indulge yourself with beautiful things and the luxury home in Puerto Galera should be one of them.

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