Everything You Need to Know About Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered floor is defined as a material that went through a process to attain stability and durability. Every piece of the engineered timber flooring consists of number of timber layers that are glued together for stability. In most cases, the material of the first layer of timber flooring is made from hard wood which is about two to six millimeters in thickness.

Engineered timber flooring is not the same as laminate or veneer. A laminate is made out of plastic resins and the look of the wood is achieved by printing the image of wood on the top layer of the laminate. A veneer is made from a thin layer of wood. Timber flooring, on the other hand, is a combination of layers of wood veneer and infused with liquid acrylic and made into a hard floor through a process. Most people are now using engineered timber flooring because of its durability, easy installation, easy maintenance, and usability after installation. SeeĀ http://heartwoodfloors.com.au/


1) Engineered timber flooring is produced in wide sizes of board to fit into all room sizes. Since these are layers of timber that are glued together, they do not shrink nor swell due to usage. The layering of timber in every piece of the timber flooring makes it very strong and they will remain their natural look for a long time. They are also produced in longer lengths in order to emphasize the beautiful grains of the wood.

2) Most of the boards are pre-finished, meaning you do not have to sand them in order to achieve a better-looking floor. These engineered timber flooring are also scratch-resistant and they do not get tarnished with wine, tea, and other substances.

3) Installation is not a problem. Home owners can do it by themselves, they just have to allot a day to finish the job. Immediately after the installation of engineered timber flooring, it can be used right away without having to wait for the floors to get settled, so to speak.


There are many designs and colors to choose from. There are many species of timber flooring which bears different kinds of wood grains. After sanding, an application of clear coating is utilized to bring out the natural luster of the engineered timber flooring. Sustainable materials are used in producing these woods and you are guaranteed that they are not from protected forest areas.

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