Evolution of Wedding Photography Equipment

Since the introduction of photography in the world, there has been a constant emergence of new types of photography. For an industry flooded by technological advancements, the photographers have tried their best to keep up with the growing market. Types of photography include landscape, wildlife, beauty and wedding, among others. Like the practice of many other types, wedding photography has evolved and developed its own modern and contemporary approach to how these events are covered.

Improvement in Lighting Solutions

The years have seen a change in the type of cameras being used and an increase in lighting solutions for photography purposes. In the years of the film era, wedding photographers used colour negative film alongside medium format cameras. This type of photography was once considered a luxury for the rich and noble classes during the early years, so families from humble backgrounds did not hire photographers to cover the actual wedding itself.

For these families, pictures were made a studio affair and took the traditional approach. These couples would take photos in formal clothing before or after the big day to create portrait display pictures. During these years, photographs were a recreation of the portraits of the 1840 wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Due to the nature of equipment and lighting issues, wedding photography was considered a studio affair for the most of the early 19th century.

Wedding photographers of that era used bulky equipment that made transport costly for them. The cameras used then were technologically advanced for those years but poor equipment for the 21st century.

The Emergence of DSLR Cameras

Today, wedding photographers are adopting DSLR cameras. They are lightweight and offer a variety of options on a single camera. DSLR cameras are designed to capture the essence of each moment to be cherished in one image.

These cameras can shoot both images and take videos. Their functionality can be of significant use to wedding photographers. DSLR cameras are the modern-day tool for expert photography. One of the main differences between old colour negative films to DSLR cameras is that colour negative film is made up of analogue components whilst a DSLR have digital components.

Technological advancements have opened the photography profession to anyone who can imagine and be creative with how they would shoot an image. Although cameras of the past are not that advanced with the options they give the photographer, some enthusiasts are known to use them too from time to time.

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