External Shutters for your Home

Beautified windows can greatly improve the appeal of one’s home. One of the ways to achieve that is to add external shutters. Windows, apart from doors are the so-called mouth of your home and the windows not only protect your home from the harsh sunlight and draft, but windows also add beauty to the façade of your home.

Materials of external shutters

1) Wood- this material certainly adds some elegance to your window, especially if the style of your house is Mediterranean or country style. Woods can be painted with any color you wish but the only issue is that wood need to be maintained every once in a while.

2) PVC- this material is cheaper than wood and it is very low in terms of maintenance issue. The good thing about PVC is that it can custom-made to look like wood or any type of material by adding some fee.

3) Fiberglass/composite- this is one of the most expensive external shutters in the market. It is highly durable and it is best for those who are very conscious with security issues in the house.

Advantages of external shutters

1) These shutters definitely add a curb appeal to your home. The style of the shutter must suit the architecture of your home. Basically there are three styles of external shutters: louvered, raised panel, and board and batten. There are other styles like the Bermuda style but this is the least common among all the types of shutters.

2) Shutters add another layer of security to your home. If these shutters are closed, the burglars will be challenged to open the shutters before they can open the windows and enter the premises of your home.

3) External shutters will help protect your glass windows from getting too much dirt. The number of cleaning hours you devote on window cleaning will be reduced if you install shutters.

4) Shutters can lower your electric bills. If you close the slats or the panels of the shutters, the amount of sunlight is controlled, so the interiors are kept cool. You do not have to switch on the air conditioner or electric fan. During winter time, the heat is also maintained inside the home so there is no need to turn-on the heater.

5) External shutters can be custom-made according to the shape of the windows. There are also many colors and wood grains to choose from.

Find a seasoned installer because the fitting of the shutter must be perfectly measured with the windows. The external shutters are easily noticed by the passer bys and they can admire the beauty of your home by just looking at the shutters.


Carpets are also beautiful home decor. Proper cleaning of it should be done by professional carpet cleaners.


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