Fly the Dreamliner Simulator

The Boeing 787 is a fuel-efficient aircraft because it is primarily made with composites. The result is a lighter aircraft that can accommodate more passengers, both on domestic and international routes. It is an environment-friendly aircraft since it utilize 20% less fuel on all its flights. Boeing made several upgrades to make the passengers feel comfortable. It has wider body giving more leg room, the air inside the aircraft is less drier. A dreamliner simulator is provided by Boeing for pilots to learn the mechanics on how to fly the aircraft.

Advantages of the dreamliner simulator

It is less costly as compared if the pilot will learn to fly the aircraft by using the actual aircraft. Not only will the airline company spend less money on training on an actual aircraft, but the practice is beneficial to the environment because no fuel or in some cases, less fuel is used when learning how to navigate the dreamliner simulator. Second, it reduces the risk of causing accidents or even losing lives.

Boeing created a simulator that looks like and feels like the actual aircraft. The Panel provides all the necessary button, it has the overhead pop-up panel which displays the speed, altitude, and other vital information during a flight. The headup display has all the basic elements and it can be removed from the 2D panel with ease. The panel of the simulator has all the elements of a real aircraft. The Cockpit of the dreamliner simulator has an amazing glass with a size of 12×9 inch screens. It has a moving airport map display used by the pilot for taxiing and vertical situation display. The pilot can see the primary flight display and the tape displays so the pilot can easily view the speed and altitude of the aircraft. The center screen of the cockpit shows the fuel level, oil pressure, oil temperature, among others. The cabin is very much like the real aircraft and one can feel the spacious interior of the aircraft.

Curriculum on dreamliner simulator

Prior to using the simulator, the pilots are trained on how to use a simpler device until they get used to it. They are also given lessons on the mechanics of the computer of the aircraft. The actual training on the dreamliner simulator is actually the last step in learning how to fly the aircraft. The training session takes about twenty days before the pilots are given a certificate to fly the Boeing 787. It includes scenarios such as loss of hydraulic systems. Safety of the passengers is the outmost consideration, thus, simulators are used to get accustomed in flying a new aircraft.

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