Deciding to Hire Removalists Versus Doing it Yourself

The fact that you’re reading this means that you’re already interested in moving, hopefully for your sake this is a precautionary visit. If it isn’t and you have the option of slowing down your moving process I suggest you take it. A word to the wise: Don’t waste your money on rushing these things because you really need to consider many things before moving. Most people hire removalists and then move far more stuff than they need to and overpay by thousands. Don’t be those people.

How much stuff are you planning on moving? Obviously, if you’re planning on moving a great deal of heavy assets and you don’t have several trucks of your own to utilize, then you’re going to need to hire removalists. There is something to consider though, you can really cut down on the stuff that you bring into your new home. Yes most of your furniture is going to need to be moved, but the first step you need to take is to go through all of the stuff that you can sell, that you don’t really need.

You need to be honest with yourself about this process and not hoard things, this is a perfect opportunity you’re starting in a fresh new place, there is no sense in wasting money to transport old stuff that is just going to collect dust. Sell or donate anything you don’t need.

Once that is out of the way you need to figure out the cost of moving with cheap removalists Sydney versus what it would cost you going it alone. Figure out the cost of any manpower you would need to hire (friends and family) and the cost of gas and the cost of your time. One of the biggest downsides of moving your own stuff is that time is money. If you’re going to have to miss a few days of work to get it done and you’re not going to be compensated for those days off you’re going to have to factor that in as a cost to you.

If you find that moving with removalists would be the cheaper option, but the cost difference is reasonably close then you can see whether or not it would be worth it to sell some of your furniture. If you could sell some non-essential furniture you might be able to change the equation and make moving on your own cheaper. If you do this you can take the money saved in the move and buy new furniture and save yourself the hassle.

If you are going to go with removalists make sure you get several estimates from several different companies and make sure that they see literally everything. Make sure that you review all of the possible moving expenses that could be accumulated for every contingency possible. You don’t want to find out in the long run that doing the job yourself would have been cheaper.

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