Hot Water Repair Or Replacement

A water heater is useful for a lot of things like hot bath, warm cloth washing, etc. Therefore, having a continuous flow of it is important in the house. That is why most of the household has a water heater, whether in the summer or winter. However, because of the durability of this equipment, they tend to be used past their presumed lifespan.

You will wonder whether you need to get a new one because you noticed that it doesn’t get hot as quickly as before. And found out it developed a fault and you can’t decide between choosing hot water repair, or replacement. To help you, here are the things you need to consider:

Number of Years

It is believed water heaters should be changed every twenty years. This is worth to consideration if it has never been under any continuous maintenance plan. A lack of maintenance would mean that the efficiency would have gone down. In such instances, there’s no need for hot water repair but replacement.

Initial AFUE Rating

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, and it basically says how well your heater makes use of the fuel supplied to it. For example, if a heater has an AFUE of 75%, it means that if you supply gas of 100 BTUs, the heater can only use 75 BTUs and it wastes the remaining 25 BTU. Therefore, a higher AFUE means a higher efficiency, and a lower AFUE means a lower efficiency.

If your heater is old and has low AFUE, it might be time to replace it. Furthermore, sediments have settled on the anode of the heater. This has further reduced the efficiency of the heater; another reason to consider changing the water heater. Alternatively, you can consider performing maintenance by asking hot water repair Brisbane to change the anode rod and check the T&P valve.

Leaking Tank

While leaking tanks could easily be repaired, it can also cause a maintenance problem in the long run. If you have performed repair on such leakages before and new leaks are being found, it is time to change it.

As always, it is important to always balance the cost of hot water repair and replacement. Looking at the efficiency of the present tank and the years it has been used should be considered as well.

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