How to Choose the Best Timber Shutters

Looking for an alternative to draperies, curtains, blinds or shades? Timber shutters are an attractive and fresh option that are not only beautiful but they can also insulate against cold, heat and noise and also regulate light and provide privacy at the same time.

If you are prone to allergies, timber shutters are a great option as they are easier to clean compared to the fabric window treatments. From custom shapes to traditional window treatment, there is something for everyone in terms of the desired décor and we are now going to look at how to choose the best shutters.

• Materials

Most timber shutters are made of basswood which is a light weight hardwood with a tight grain and consistent color that takes paint or stain very well and also naturally resists moisture.

Engineered shutters are made using wood fibers and strands that are bonded to produce a stiffer and stronger wood than the natural timber. They mostly come with a wood grain or smooth finish.

Vinyl shutters are another alternative that work very well in a damp or moist setting as they do not warp. You cannot paint or stain these shutters but they come prefinished in a range of common neutral colors such as white and off white color tones.

Polywood comprises of recyclable synthetic materials that are reinforced and engineered to be stable and strong. They are very energy efficient and because the surface of this material is baked on, you shouldn’t worry about chipping, warping or cracking. They can be custom painted to your color of choice but they mostly come in white and off-white tones.

• Style

Most shutters come in horizontal louvres that also known as blades, fins or slats that are usually adjusted up and down to allow varying degrees of light into the room.

Traditional shutters come with wedge shaped louvres and originated in England where the climate is mostly cold and so has very small openings. They are shallow enough to be mounted inside a window frame.

Panel shutters do not have louvres and often have mold-like trims and you can even feature beautiful cutouts in your desired shapes such as stars or the moon. To let light into the room, the shutters must be opened though there are some designs that come are split with louvres either on the top or bottom half.

After deciding what style and material you want to go with, you can then go ahead and contact timber shutters Sydney.

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