How to prevent termites from damaging your house?

We all know that termites can be dangerous when they move into our house, they are considered as one of the biggest contributors when it comes to damaging our house, they are expert in doing that, they can cause a huge damage, they can destroy the foundation in our house in just a short a period of time, and rebuilding our house or getting rid of the damaged part would be really expensive, so in order for this not to happen, you have to prevent the termites from damaging your house.

The first thing to do when preventing these pests is that you should know first what attracts termites; there are different things that can attract termites, and different methods in preventing termites.

Since soil is one of the things that attracts termites, and usually termites start attacking in your basement since it is the closest one to the soil, so it is easy for the termites to get inside. Make sure that there are no cracks or holes in any part or corner in your basement room, since termites can only penetrate woods, there should be no problem as long as your floor isn’t wood, then they would have to look for another way to get in.

Eastern United States. A group of eastern subterranean termites, Order isoptera.

Eastern United States. A group of eastern subterranean termites, Order isoptera.

There are two kinds of termites, and usually it is the subterranean termite who attacks your house, they are very attracted to soil, and the reason why, is because that is where they build their colonies and tunnels to go through other places.

Woods is also one of the reasons why termites invade your house, they like to eat woods because woods contain a great amount of cellulose and that is what termites are after, they like eating anything that has cellulose in it. Subterranean termites can detect if there’s any wood that is on the ground, even if it is just a single piece of wood, they can sense it immediately and the next thing you know, that wood is already a property of the subterranean termites. They also consume other things, like materials that contain humus but their main source of food are woods.

Same to us humans, termites also needs a source of water since they can’t survive without water, but your job is to prevent termites from getting into your house, so you have to make sure that there is no any leaking water in your house, make sure your sink is working properly, check every faucet in your bathroom or kitchen, if you notice that the faucet is too old already then I suggest that you should buy and replace it with a new one.

If you are not satisfied, you can hire someone who is professional on getting rid of termites, it would be a good thing to do, they can finish it immediately since they have the skills, knowledge, experience, and they have the latest equipment to use when getting rid of them, they would do it in the best way they can.

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