How to Register Business Name?

One of the first things that you need to decide about when opening a business is your business name. The business name must be easy on the tongue and can be remembered easily by people. Your business name is the one that will distinguish you from your business competitors and that is why it must be professional sounding. When you are starting a business, you can register business name online.

When to register

If you are going to open a business as sole owner or as a partnership with another person and not open the business as a company, then you will have to register the business with the securities commission. But if you will register the business name as your name, then you do not have to register the business name to the securities commission. But now, you will be able to register business name online in a matter or few minutes. There is now a company which you can find online that is accredited by the government where you can register or renew your business name. This is much easier than registering the name in the actual office. Thus, now you can register business name online.

business name registration

How long will it take to register business name online

Since it is going to be at your own pace, then the length of time all depends on you. The company where you can visit online and register or renew your business name is available all times of the day. On the average, it will only make about five to ten minutes when you register business name online. Then within that time, you will receive or you will be assured of the business name as yours.

How much will it cost

You can renew or register your business name online for one or three years. You can pay online using your credit or debit card.

Register business name online is so easy. There will be only few questions that you need to answer online through a point and click system. In some instances, you may be required to type in your answers online. In case you have a difficulty answering the queries, there is a helpline which you can contact online when you will register business name online. See here.

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