How To Start A Commercial Cleaning Service

The start of a new business typically starts with the identification of a certain need that the market needs to offer. A commercial cleaning business can be a lucrative one because office managers and owners of enterprises require cleaning services from time to time. Feeling such a need is a good business. A company that offers commercial cleaning services does not need a high amount of capital as it requires a small startup office, where the business owners grow it with time and move into a bigger office. Starting the services in a small office helps the business managers to set the pace for such a business, find out more about the services on offer here! Starting small helps the business to get a foundation and collect as much information that the market requires as possible.

Settling down on the services

Most of the companies that offer commercial cleaning services can serve large and small client needs. The first step is to determine the specific services to offer. The company can provide basic office clean up services. The services include mopping, sweeping, dusting and vacuuming depending on the types of office materials that make up the rooms. On occasions, some clients will require emptying of their trash and dust bins, carpet cleaning or power-wash among other services.

Come up with a good business plan

A business plan will help the business start up in setting the services that the company will offer. It also gives a detailed plan of how the company plans to find its customers and maintain them. The plan will also contain marketing and promotion fees and the startup costs. Like every other business, the commercial cleaning services provider will take quite some time before starting to make profits. Therefore, the business plan should explain how the business owner plans to keep the company afloat as they await to start making profits. The business plan should include the goals of expanding the business.


A business license gives a business the permission to work. It could include partnering with other companies or simply working as an independent entity. Contacting a business licensing department in the specific city ensures that the new company learns the application requirements. Licensing makes it easier for any company to start its operations without worrying about the legal requirements.


The next step requires that the new company obtains insurance. It is an important item because it covers for any damages or losses that the company might have to go through in the course of their work.

Equipment purchases

The company will finally have to purchase cleaning equipment including vacuum cleaners, brooms, buckets and mops depending on the available capital. It is the expenditure that helsp a company to calculate its rates and prices on services.

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