How Web Design does affect SEO

The hottest and latest phrase in Search Engine Optimization or SEO and web design now is a responsive design. Do you know that making your web design more responsive affects its SEO as it is more viewable in any other device and any sizes, may it a mobile or personal computer. When you want to improve your website’s traffic then you should consider responsive design.

There are important reasons why you should apply responsiveness to your web design

1. Famous Google considers best industry practice is Responsive Web design

Google is now famous as everyone knows so whatever it says, you have to follow it unless you want to end your website in the lowest ranked on the search engine. Google says Responsive Web design now is the best industry practice, so you have to make your website more responsive. If you have just the regular mobile and computer version of your website then say goodbye to first page Google search result.

2. Usable sites are those that are recognizable and those usable sites rank better than the rest

One you need to take note of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the site should be usable. Many users opt to visit websites that are friendly to them than those websites which appeared different from what the users expected. In order to get more traffic, you need to establish the important of your site or its usability.

3. Build your link only once

I know, most of you here tried to build multiple links to websites that as the same. It is so hassled. Of course, if you need to have links that are good, you need to go through this hard process. When you have a responsive web design than, say goodbye to this process as you only go through this once and then done. What you post a link to your site will be the same goes for your mobile site so it really helps you in targeting more traffic.

Are you also using keywords to campaign your website? Worry no more as you will not pay for more articles to get keywords. What you just do is you have to write only a few little keywords as it is what is intended for mobile version as there are keywords that are already mobile-based.

Responsive web design is not for everyone so at least you should weigh whether it is good for you or not but most likely, it is.

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