How Well Kept Bathrooms can Add a Bit of Glamour to your Home

The most important and essential part of a house is the bathroom. A significant amount of your day is spent in the bathroom, right from the moment you get up in the morning. And yet your bathroom is the most neglected part of your household.

Few of us take the time and energy to look at the bathroom designs in our house and critically analyse them. You may ask why it is necessary. After all, as long as the bathroom serves its function it should not matter if it is designed well or not. But we prefer to disagree on this. A well kept and well designed bathroom is an essential that completes the look of your house and it is vital that to have a house that is beautiful in every aspect; you have a bathroom that you are proud to show off and talk about.

Size does not matter

If you thought that only houses with huge bathroom designs earned all the brownie points from realtors or visitors, you are completely in the wrong. The size of the bathroom is a quantitative point in its favour, most important is the way you decorate and keep the bathroom. Even a huge bathroom with the latest accessories and fixtures will not be able to withstand scrutiny if the tiles have grout, or if the walls are stained, and if the faucets leak. So even if it is small or big, take the time to do up your bathroom creatively. Treat it like a part of the house and do not neglect it. A broken bathroom not only detracts from the rest of the house and its benefits, but will also cost you a lot in renovations and remodelling.

It does not require a lot of effort

Contrary to what people think, bathrooms do not require a lot of upkeep. That is, if you are willing to look at it as an important part of your household and keep it well maintained from the start. Listen to the taps in the bathroom – if they leak, call a plumber right away. Use good cleaners to get rid of the stains and the grout, and if necessary call professional cleaners every once in a while to clean your bathroom and keep it bright and shiny.

Personally too, there is a lot you can do to make your bathroom look fresh. A small pot of potpourri to scent up the room, or a little creativity in the decor can do wonders to the look of your bathroom. You can buy accessories like tapwares ,mirrors and curtains from kitschy flea market stores and put them together for an eclectic look, or you can go all white and Victorian and do up your bathroom in the olde English style.

Remember, that what you do with your bathroom designs will have a lot of impact on how realtors and prospective buyers look at it. A good bathroom is a value addition to your home, so keep it well!

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