Is Horoscope Believable?

Astrology is something that is still vague for most people. Whilst some people think that astrology is pure rubbish, some rely on it as if their lives depended on it. Although we are not in the position to claim that astrology is rubbish, this article will tackle about it and why it should just be taken lightly.

The horoscope is composed of 12 zodiac signs and each of them corresponds to the 12 months of the year. Each person will have his or her own assigned horoscope. If you are fond of reading your weekly horoscope, you probably notice that its contents are more of guesses. They always use the word “can” or “might” or “possibly” and so on. This only shows that they are playing safe, so if ever what they said did not come true, they won’t be the ones to blame.

This is the reason why one should not take it seriously. Well, as mentioned, you can just take this as part of the thrill of what it’s going to be this time. Let me give you good reasons to check yours even if you don’t believe in it:

  1. It would be something to look forward to. It would be exciting to know if such predictions will indeed come true or not! However, you should just treat it as that—for fun! If you will rely on it every day, you might get frustrated at times.
  2. If you have nothing special to do in a day or if you are confused as what to wear, you can turn to your horoscope as sometimes, they will even suggest the best colour for you for the day and what you should not skip. This should be another thing to look forward to if the colour of your dress can indeed affect the turn of events for the day.
  3. If you are mad at your partner, you can also turn to your weekly horoscope and just check if it says you are compatible. Then again, bear in mind that this is not something that should change your life. Just because you are mad at your partner and the horoscope says you are not compatible doesn’t mean you can just discard them.

The bottom line here is, astrology is something that should not replace your belief that there is a heavenly creator. There are more proofs that there is actually.

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