Make Your Own Herbal Teas

You are wondering maybe. What’s the best trick to use, in order to be sure that you’re buying a ‘real’ herbal tea, not some diluted artificially enhanced product? Every day you enter a store or pharmacy you are bombarded with a multitude of colorful packages with attractive pictures of plants all over them, bearing the promise of a healthy lifestyle.

With all this propaganda how you get your fix of all natural herbal teas? It’s easy. You make your own and the way you do that is to dry the herbs yourself. Here’s how!

Step 1

First thing you need to take into consideration is that you properly dry the herbs. If they are not stored into a proper environment, that is dry and hidden from direct sunlight, they will rot.

Step 2

After you thick the storage box, you have two options. You either bind the herbs together and hang them upside down (technique used for hundreds of years) or you place them carefully on an absorbent paper or towel.

This was it. Not rocket science right?

Step 3

Now be patient. Normally the herbs take about two to three weeks to dry. If you are in for a quicker solution, we have one.

You can also dry the herbs for the herbal tea by using the oven. Place the leaves and roots on an absorbent piece of paper and turn the oven on to the lowest setting. CAUTION: Leave the oven’s door open and check on them from 15 to 15 minutes. Even if it’s much faster, it’s recommended that you go with the first option. Remember! Patience is a virtue!

The process is over, the leaves are dry (finally) and you can enjoy a nice homemade selection of herbal teas. Remember though…all teas should be consumed in a period of maximum 3 months. They don’t become toxic or something, but they become stale because of long storage.

In this 3 months period, store the teas in airtight containers.


In order to benefit fully from the amazing effects of herbal teas you have to brew the tea properly. After all you don’t want all that waiting to go to waste.

For this use a metal tea-ball in which you put a pinch of the dried herbs. Immerse the herbs into a mug filled with boiling water and let it infuse until the desired color and intensity is achieved.

Extra – Here is a list of safe herbs for making herbal teas:

Lemon Balm




Rose Hips




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