Menu Design Hacks That Are Used To Make You Order More

Marketing and psychology has been used for a really long time to get you to buy more. This is why designs are created and chosen based on elements that are going to make you feel one way, or make you take selected actions. This is used in just about every business out there. The restaurant industry has created its own special psychological strategies called menu engineering to make you want to buy more. Here are just a few techniques that the restaurant Brisbane uses to create their menus.

–          The Value of a Strong First Impression

On average, a diner will spend about an average of 109 seconds scanning the menu, with most diners not reading the menu from front to back. This 109 seconds means that the menu needs to have a big impact of the diner within that short time frame. Many restaurant menus are designed to be easily scanned with the use of clear headings and easy to find dish names.

–          Reading Patterns

Understanding that most diner’s reading patterns has led to many menus having the items that the restaurant wants to sell the most of being near the top right hand corner. This is why most menus have the most expensive item in this spot, as it would be the first thing that you would see, possibly making you want the item. Graphics and bold type face are also used to draw the eye around the page, to get you to see the more popular or expensive items on the menu.

–          Emphasize Certain Menu Items

Newspaper and magazines use “call-out” quotes to emphasize center bits of information. Menus will highlight the items that they want diners to order using what are called “eye magnets”. Eye magnets can be anything that attracts the eye. Fonts, color, images, and framing can all be used as eye magnets.

–          Avoiding the Dollar Sign

Pricing is one of the trickiest elements to get right on a menu. There is a balance that needs to be met between not scaring off customers and making a profit. The simplest thing to help balance this is to get rid of the dollar or currency sign. Having a reference to currency will remind the diners about the pain of spending money, and can lead the diner to ordering based solely on the price of the items. Many restaurants also avoid having the prices lined up, so the diner has a harder time comparing prices.

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