No One Should Operate An Unregistered Business

Being a parent, for sure you also have your own set of rules that you oblige your kids to observe and if by chance one of them will ignore it, you might impose a certain punishment like she can’t go out for a period of time or she can’t use her phone and so on. The same thing will happen if we won’t heed with the laws imposed by the government being we are under its jurisdiction. The family is the smallest form of government according to our teachers in sociology. Every group in this society has its own set of rules and as while you feel that you have the right to impose rules to your kids, the government also certainly has the right to impose rules to us and we are oblige to observe these rules as well. If we won’t, then there are also penalties charged to us.



One of the rules imposed by the government is that every business set up should be registered. For sure the government meant well with this law since how can they keep track of the businesses under their jurisdiction if it will not be registered. You see, it is the responsibility of the government to make sure that every citizen will be taken care of and no one should violate other’s rights. They want to make sure that if ever one will make a complaint, they can be of aid. But that will not happen if you won’t comply with their rules like if your business is not registered and you will meet a problem along the way, then no one will come to your aid from the side of the government since you are not even listed as one of the business owners.

Indeed it is important to be obedient just like what you told your kids most probably.

There are a number of benefits that you will surely gain. For one, you will have peace of mind. We all know that running a starting business, no matter what is the size is such an ordeal already. If you are also worried because you know that you are operating that business illegally, how can you think of better plans to make that work? Another thing is, customers will be checking your business place if you are registered, as most of them are now picky and sophisticated. Gone are the times when customers will just blindly and randomly choose a business. Nowadays, they are more cautious knowing there are so many scammers already. Thus if you don’t want to be tagged as one of the scammers, you should have your newly opened business registered.

Registering an Australian business is also one way of marketing it for as what is mentioned already, there are picky customers that will only deal with registered business. Besides, when you know you are operating a registered business, you will be more motivated to make it grow. You can advertise it wherever you want.

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