Other causes of blocked drains

Blocked drains can be a very big hassle because waste water would not be able to travel to the sewage and will most likely become a dirty pool. Having a pool of waste water, much worse toilet water, is certainly enough reason for someone to avoid that scenario. However, there is more to a foreign object stuck inside a pipe to create block drains; food debris, a thick wad of used tissue, a bar of soap and other objects that can slip inside a drain are not the only causes for such predicament. Here are a few causes which create this phenomenon.



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If your area has been experiencing torrential rains, chances are it will result in block drains. This is because the presence of so much rain water is adding up to the already existing amount of sewage water. With so much water in the sewage system, it is highly possible that the sewage water combined with the flood water will overflow and will find its way back into the pipe lines, causing unwanted block drains. Once this happens, the overflowed water has to be drained properly or else it will cause damages to the pipes, resulting in even bigger problems such as burst pipes and unwanted leaks.

Incorrect pipe installation

Surprisingly, incorrect pipe installation can also be a cause for block drains. While most people would think of leaks when it comes to incorrect pipe installation, this can also create blocked drains and the reason for this is that the connecting lines between the drainage system and the sewage system have been improperly connected with one another. It is wise to call for expert plumbers of blocked drains to help with this issue because they are professionals in the field of plumbing and making the drainage and sewage system work properly will make block drains a thing of the past.

Damaged pipes


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Damaged pipes can also be a reason block drains appear and this is often complicated and often times difficult to repair, especially if the damage done to the pipes are found underground. Otherwise, if the repairs are found in the basement of a house, then it is somewhat easier to work on. With a damaged pipe, waste water will find it difficult to find its way towards the sewage system and will stay stagnant in a part of the pipe and will just create a blocked drain.

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