Photo Booth Hire-Excellent Choice For Any Event


There is a saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, this cannot be disputed especially in the era of selfies and hashtags. A photo is able to capture a moment in time and express emotions in a way that no other medium can. This is why a lot of events now feature photo booths. Photo booth hire not only allows people to unleash their inner photogenic selves, but also allows people to have fun at the same time. What’s more is that photo booths are suitable for any occasion. When looking for a reason to hire a photo booth, here are some events that would be ideal.

Birthday parties

Everyone wants to have a memorable birthday. No one wants to come to a boring birthday that only features a DJ and some drinks. Whether celebrating a toddler’s birthday or a senior’s birthday, photo booth hire Sydney can be a great way to commemorate the special occasion. A photographer is an ideal solution. However, a photo booth is a great way to allow people to have fun and let loose at the event. Furthermore, the guests will have something to hold on for years to come.

Holiday parties

There are different holidays such as Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day throughout the year. When looking for a way to spruce up an event, photo booth hire would be a great idea. For example when hosting a Christmas party, you can rent a photo booth with colors and props to match the occasion. For people who love Halloween, a booth with a theme and spooky theme would be ideal to make the party memorable. A clown may seem like a good idea, but people eventually get bored. With a photo booth, one can use props, take different shots at various angles and use different backgrounds.

Wedding parties and showers

Whichever wedding reception one attends in Australia, they are guaranteed to notice a photo booth at a certain spot. Photo booth hire comes in different sizes and shapes. Additionally, one doesn’t have to wait for the big day to have a booth. A photo booth can also be a great idea for a shower. This will allow the guests to mingle and bond before the big day.

Corporate functions

Corporates host various events such as fundraisers, end year events, conferences and even tradeshows. To ensure everyone has a great time at the event, contact a photo booth hire company to get employees and clients interacting and socializing at the event.

Any event can be spiced up by renting a photo booth. What’s more is that one can choose the theme and accessories to use to make the photo session more memorable.


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