Photo Booth Hire Service

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

After using our booth you will have way more than a thousand words to say when describing the experience to your friends.

Because our booths come with such a packed abundance of features, you will never grow tired or bored.

In today’s world social media sites like snapchat and Instagram have taken over with their visual/photo-centric design.

With the highly advanced technology, we have made it possible to directly link your Instagram to the booth. After a couple quick photos, choose the one you like most and the booth will upload it to your social media for free!

We also have a special selfie feature that mimics the selfie you might take with your typical cell phone.

We have to ask ourselves, if there is no photo proving you did something, did it really happen? How can anybody be sure your party was a success?

Our photo booth can be the answer to those questions with a resounding yes!

Please, contact us and we would love to have you experience the booth for yourself before committing to a rental. We guarantee it will only add to the fun of your party or we will refund your payment, guaranteed.

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