4 Photo Booth Prop Ideas

One of the things photo booth hire has is props so guests can be as creative as possible with their poses. You can have guests going back to the photo booth hire repeatedly with these props:

  • Moustache

There is nothing more fun than impersonating iconic characters. If you wear a moustache, you will impersonate famous characters such as Super Mario, Hulk Hogan and Adolf Hitler. You can mimic Hogan’s muscle flexing and Hitler’s salute for poses you never thought you would make. It would even be cooler if the ladies wear a moustache.

  • Signs

If you have a tough time thinking of poses for the pictures, you can just hold signs. These signs can read anything from “Team Bride” if the event is a wedding to “I Came for the Beer” if the event is a party. The funnier the sign is, the bigger chance there is of someone holding it up. They can be arrow signs pointing to yourself to make people think that is what you are currently thinking. For example, you can hold a “Party Pooper” sign if the event is a party, an “I want to be next” sign if the event is a wedding or an “Uh, did that just happen?” sign if the event is a graduation party.

  • Wigs

A wig is an effective way to change the way you look. It will also make you show your creativity because you will have a new set of poses when you put it on. One suggestion would be to pair the wig with a moustache and glasses.

  • Masks

If you don’t want anybody to recognize you in the picture then wear a mask to completely change your look. The usual masks present at events resemble the faces of horror movie icons such as Freddie Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street fame, the clown from Stephen King’s “IT” and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th fame.

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