Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Interstate Removalists

In moving into a new office or a new house in another state, you may need the help of interstate removalists. Fortunately, there are now many companies that offer removals. They can lessen all the hard work and can make your move smoother, faster and easier.

Yet, you should not be so quick in hiring a company. You should assess their competency first by asking them questions about the relocation. Here are some sample questions:

Can they move plants too?

Not a typical question to ask, but if you have well-nourished plants in your garden, you definitely want to keep them. Although this is not possible all the time, there’s no harm in asking them.

How long does it take them to complete the move?

This is an important question to ask. First, you do not want to wait forever for your belongings to be delivered. Second, you want the timeline you have agreed on to be observed. The timelines that you have set depends on factors like the schedule of interstate removalists and the distance of the destination. For example, you are from Brisbane and you are moving your belongings to Sydney, the distance is not too far. Whilst a day is enough for some companies, others may complete the removal in 2 or 3 days.

Can you move vehicles?

Can they move vehicles like your boat or motorbike? Not every removal company can move vehicles, especially that this task requires a special truck. If you have a vehicle to transport, make sure that you inform them the vehicle type and model so they would know whether they can cater it or not.

Can they move pets?

Pets are like humans too, they get stressed from a long drive. If you are moving together with your most beloved pets, ask them if they can safely and conveniently transport these animals.

Make sure that all the requirements will be accommodated by the interstate removalists you choose, or else, find someone else; there are tons to choose from.

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