Reasons to Buy Electrolux Commercial Dishwasher

Dishwashers make lives easier at the kitchen area especially if there is a ton of kitchen utensils that need to be washed quick but effective cleaning. You can find many brands in the market and one of which is the Electrolux commercial dishwashers. Listed below are the many benefits that the Electrolux commercial dishwasher is known for giving superior results when it comes to dishwashing equipments that are specifically made for commercial purposes:



1)    The Electrolux commercial dishwashers have a water temperature of 84 degrees centigrade, this is the ideal water temperature for killing germs and bacteria from used kitchen utensils. Likewise, this water temperature can remove all traces of dishwashing detergents.

2)    The Electrolux commercial dishwashers have a water softening feature that is important when it comes to removing all dishwashing detergent residues leaving no spots on all the kitchen utensils, be it a glassware or cutlery.

3)    There are some models that come with a double walled hood ceiling as well as tank in order to minimize the noise and prevent the loss of heat.

4)    The Electrolux commercial dishwashers are very easy to clean because the body is made from stainless steel. Just use a soft cloth with water to wipe off any traces of dirt.

5)    There are also models that are very energy-efficient as these models only utilize three liters of water per rack, so you save on water, electricity, and even the use of dishwashing detergents.

Types of Electrolux commercial dishwasher

1)    The hood type Electrolux dishwashers- this is very ideal for those who have a heavy load of kitchen utensils. This is capable of washing 1,200 kitchen utensils per hour with four different levels of wash cycles. The hood can be lifted either manually or automatically with safety features that will prevent the hood from sudden falling. There is also a line specifically for washing medical glass.

2)    Rack type Electrolux dishwashers-  this line of Electrolux commercial dishwasher is best suited for those who have medium to high dishwashing needs. This can accommodate up to three hundred baskets peer hour with two speed levels. You have an option to choose between the condensing unit or the hot air blower. This line of Electrolux dishwasher also offers the air drying tunnel feature.

3)    Glass washers Electrolux commercial dishwashers- this is the perfect choice for bar owners as this line of Electrolux dishwashers can accommodate 500mm of basket sizes. The glass wares will come out free from stains, spots, and odor.

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