Types of Removals Service and Their Pros and Cons

When it’s time to relocate, most people may resort hiring removals service providers to take care of the task professionally and flawlessly. However it is vital that you deem all possible pros and cons of availing their services. Also, jotting down your priorities about moving may help you figure out which type of removals would best suit your needs.


Large Removals

Large Removals are the most common type of removal service which is often preferred by people with bigger properties and excess household items to be relocated to a new location. There are various providers that provide top-notch removal services across Australia. Mentioned below are some pros and cons you may want to consider before going with this option.


1. Professional Packers and Movers – The very first advantage to consider is the fact that you, as an owner won’t have to do a thing as everything starting from packing, loading the items in the vehicle, transporting them to the new place to unloading the vehicle is handled by the people assigned to do this job.

2. Spacious Vehicles – All big removals have big trucks to transport household items safely to the new location. The boxes are not affected as there is plenty of room for them items to breathe.

3. Insurance – All major removals companies offer insurance which covers all the items and if lost or damaged, the customer is compensated depending on the company’s policy.


1. Price – Compared to other options, hiring removals service provider may be expensive as they provide quality service. Their package includes vehicle, service and packing charges.

Man and Van Service

Man and van service is pretty straightforward as they provide a man with a vehicle who helps load your household items and transport them to the new location. Some of its pros and cons are:


Low Prices – Compared to traditional removals service they provide their services at a much cheaper rate. Hiring Man and Van Service may cost you up to $15-20 an hour depending on your area.


Smaller Vehicles – Man and Van service is mostly preferred by people with less household items as the size of van they offer is usually about 3.5 tonne which is not the best option for people with a lot of items. They have the appropriate moving truck for your relocation .

Not Suitable for Long Distance Moves – Due to its hourly rate options, it is not an ideal choice when relocating to far from the old place.

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