Road Markings: Road Tapes

With the rate of accidents steadily increasing all around the world, research has been made into the possible cause. According to the results, most road accidents are caused by driving under the influence, distraction caused by phones during driving and faded road marking. The accidents caused by road marking were further interpreted to be either the marking was interpreted wrongly, not seen or not understood. First and foremost, for those who are not aware what these markings are, they are meant to convey official information to the road user.

The type of information sent by the markings could be different things like:

● Construction ongoing
● Roadblock ahead
● One way road
● Accident
● Roundabout
● Intersection

The road users who interpret these line markings can be either pedestrians or drivers and making this things decipherable by them is of essence of the rate of accidents are meant to be decreased. Also, constant maintenance is a must to avoid misinterpretation or confusion on the part of the road users. Nowadays, a lot of road marking technologies exist but the one most used is the road marking tape. This line marking tape is mostly manufactured using high grade polymerized material that allows it to resist wear and tear and also prevent it from fading like regular paint.


The tape also may include particles that enable it resist retaining skid marks left by vehicles. It also comes with glass beads inserted in the top layers to boost reflectivity as also allow for the tape to be visible during periods of darkness. Some of the popular tapes can be found on different roads and parking lots. They are:

Concealment Tape: this tape like the name indicates does not encourage visibility rather, its intent is to keep hidden existing tape lines to prevent the road user from viewing them. This tape is mostly used when construction is ongoing or maintenance is being done so as to avoid confusion. Its use is only for a temporary period of time. The color of the tape is usually black and it saves construction companies from the task of having to remove old permanent tape which might be expensive and time wasting.

Extended Life Tape: just like the name suggests, this tape is meant to increase the lifespan of an already installed permanent tape. The grade of this tape usually comes between 2.29 – 2.35. They are known for being durable and can last for a minimum of 3 years without deteriorating.

Other examples of tapes are: parking lot tape, standard road tape, contrast tape

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