Things To Know About Scrap Metal Merchants

Nowadays people live in society pollution greatly increases. There are many wastes everywhere. Even if garbage cans are placed everywhere, there are still lots of people who throws their garbage anywhere. Lots of people are suffering from poverty while only a few experiences luxury. As what others say, there’s money on waste. Some garbage can be recycled to be use again. This is also another way for people to earn. People who don’t have a house to live in or doesn’t have any means to pay for their meals can earn by collecting garbage.

There are many scrap metal merchants these days. Metals that haven’t been used for a long time can be use again by recycling. Metals do not deteriorate no matter how long it’s been since its last use. That’s how beneficial it is. Collecting scrap metal can earn you lots of cash. Metals from rundown buildings, old and unused motorcycles and many more can be sold to scrap metal merchants.

Collecting scrap metal is a good business. Since there are lots of garbage and metals out there, might as well make business out of it. There are many types of metal and each of them has certain values. It is not easy to become scrap metal merchants because there are certain things that need to be process and completed. Here are some requirements that are needed in order to become a scrap metal merchant.

1. Application for license: Just like any other professionals, license is needed so people would know that you are legit. There are many people who do this kind of job but do not have a license. License is important not only because of the law that they need to comply but also because of certain unwanted events that might happen for example thefts. Metals are priced high so some people target churches and buildings just to sell scraps.

2. Record keeping: According to the law, a scrap metal merchant should have records of their transactions. Since there are many thefts these days, record keeping is important. If you have keep records of your transactions and there are unwanted events, then you can provide proofs of your way out of that situation. Record keeping should include the type of metal purchase, the seller’s legit identity and address and receipts.

Aside from the requirement of being a merchant, there are also things that you need to comply when you come across certain type of metals. For example, if a scrap metal merchant happens to acquire copper metals then a certain process should be complied. Record the identity of the seller which includes his full name, address and contact number, the date, his or her address, the manner of transaction, signature, the price paid, the number assigned to copper, the description of article and the serial number.

Scrap metals have high value so the laws governing this kind of deal are very specific. Remember to keep records and comply with laws to avoid being in an unwanted situation.

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