Selecting an Online Business Coach

But how can you determine if the coach you are picking up is a good match to you? Well, ask him the questions listed here and his answers may give you a fair idea.

Ask him one core value to which his business is not living up to and what is he doing about achieving it. If he cannot own up to a real weakness, it would be difficult to trust him with your weaknesses. A failure to recognize a weakness means he will not have real solutions for your true weakness as well. This will also help you verify if your values are synced enough to work in a coaching relationship.

Ask him what his ideal coaching client is like. Not the business he would like to work with, but the person he would like to help improve. If he does not have a clear picture of his ideal client, he hasn’t thought enough about positioning and marketing his services. Do you really want such a person as your business coach?

Ask him if he ever ran a business that ended up in failure. He may be very successfully now, but his qualities as an online business coach would become clearer based on how he handled failure. Again, this will help you see if your value systems are a decent match or not.

Ask him to define success. He can help you succeed only if his definition of success is close enough to your own definition of success. If there is a gap, he may not be the right coach for you. Your coach has to share your perspective on success otherwise he will not be able to help you go there.

Ask him what coaching is all about. Why should you hire him instead of a consultant? The answer to this question is what would determine the shape of your relationship with him. This would not only define the boundaries of the relationship but would also set the expectations for both you and your coach.

It is impossible to find a foolproof way of selecting an online business coach. But what you are trying to find out is if this is a real person who would invest into a relationship with you, and if your value systems are close enough to work towards a shared goal.

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