Simple Methods for Installing New or Retrofit Polished Concrete

Using polished concrete in houses and other places is known to be one of the best choices that you can ever make. This is known to be one of the finest types of floorings that are guaranteed to be a must to get thanks to its fine quality, cleanliness, durability, and so as the price when bought. This is what some residents tend to choose on their top floors, or on their living rooms to make it more elegant.

Thankfully, the top construction firms are assisting us in letting people know the two methods when installing a polished concrete: new and retrofit. These two methods are guaranteed to be very useful for the sake of making your floor better, and all you need to do is to know more about these two ways in installing it under the two modes:

For New Installations

For new floors, expect that you will be needing less ways to get that work done. Therefore, you will be getting a lower cost for installing new polished concrete for your flooring, and expect that you will be able to get a nice slab easily installed in your place.



First, you need to make sure that the slab of flooring has a nice decorative aspect to it. There are river stone, granite, and basalt for the type of aggregates that you need, and these will vary in design. The finish product will be done in a high maintenance quality in order to assure the perfect polish for the concrete flooring.

Take note that there is one safety method that you must consider about this: the one who will do this type of method must also make sure that they must check the place accurately to see if the concrete needs to be polished even more to get the finest quality out of it.

Retrofit Flooring

The retrofit type of flooring when using polished concrete can be done in two well known ways. The first one is whenever the existing flooring will be cut out or sanded instead to make sure that everything will be properly replaced with a brand new quality. In this way, installation will be really easy to do, and measurements will be more accurate especially for beginners in this installation technique. For professional service, hire polished concrete Brisbane.

The other one is with the use of the natural aggregate (river stone, etc.). It will be used as the main feature of the flooring, and will be topped on the old floor as a slab with minimum thickness. In this way, the right measurements will be done, and is way cheaper to do than using the first method for retrofit polished concrete.

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