If you want to advertise your products or company for that matter, the first thing that you should consider is your target audience and the cost. So, your goal in you marketing tool would probably be to have your products advertised in a place where most of the possible consumers are and will not cost you a lot of money. You are right indeed but where can you find such a place. There is only one answer to that and that can be achieved by utilizing the power of social media and social networking. Of course you can always advertise in television but that will surely cost you much. Good if you have big capital, but for smaller businesses, they can hardly afford such manner of marketing. You can also advertise in newspapers or magazines, but again, aside from the fact that they are still costly for smaller businesses, not everyone is fond of reading them especially with the advent of internet information. Social media is indeed the best yet affordable way to market your products. It is where most consumers are in all ages.

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To give you additional information about the benefits in making use of social media as your marketing tool, here are some of them:

–        Your business will be exposed to possible buying consumers – Just imagine how many users these social networks have, not just over the internet but also through mobile applications! According to the experts, they already reach 1.5 billion! They are the number of people who can possibly be aware of your company or products all over the world.

–        You can interact with them – Yes of course! You can indeed chat with some of them since most of these people who are members of a social network site are there to socialize. They are there to interact with other people and the good thing about these social media sites is they will allow their users to do unlimited things. So, be resourceful and look for those people who can be your potential consumers.

–        Less expense – very true indeed as what is mentioned above, the result of your marketing strategy making use of social media is very much different from the expenses you have put into it. Compared to other ways of marketing, this is by far the most affordable with greater results.

–        Earning better reputation – with the use of social media, you don’t have limits when it comes to explaining your products. So, you can clearly explain about the benefits the public will get if they will make use of your products instead. You can even answer inquiries for everyone to see so that those with same questions in their minds will at the same time be enlightened.

–        Generate loyalty – since you are marketing in social media, possible consumers can then actually see you as the person behind the fabulous products. They will feel like they can actually reach you and they can connect to you if they will avail of the products you are advertising. That is a very big difference compared when they will just see the ads in tv.

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