Technology Advancement for a Greener Future: Solid Timber Flooring the New Treehuggers Flooring?

If a low ecological footprint or low carbon footprint is important to you, you should really consider getting 100% recyclable solid timber flooring. Timber is one of the easiest products to manufacture, in theory it only requires an axe and some human sweat and muscle to get things done.

Solid timber flooring is only one option of many that designers and homeowners have as options to them when choosing to go with hardwood flooring. A lot of other wood options are promoted as being eco-friendly, but few of them if any have a non-capital intensive manufacturing process. It’s also important to mention that there are no chemicals used in the process of preparing solid timber flooring for commercial sale.

What really makes solid timber flooring so green friendly is the fact that it qualifies as sustainable flooring. This means that the durability of the flooring means that it will last longer than the amount of time it will take to regrow the product it took to create it. This means it is a great ecological investment.

There is no doubt that solid timber flooring is great for the environment, but you also have to consider that it is a great investment for you economically as well. It will not be going out of style anytime soon, so you can expect that to offset the cost of installing this expensive material you will likely gain in an increase to your house value.

If you’re a real environmentalist you probably love getting outdoors and if you live near the water there is a good chance you’ll be tracking some of that indoors. Timber is very water resistant unlike some other wooden floors, which means warping won’t be an issue. This is important when it comes time for selling or when you want to draw equity from your home in the future.

While solid timber flooring means you’re going to have to fork over more money now, due to its unparallelled durability you’re actually saving money because you won’t have to restain it and it won’t fade. You won’t be having to cut down any more trees to replace your timber and make a new clean floor.

At the end of the day solid timber flooring is a great choice for any homeowner, but if you’re looking to make a different right here and now for the environment, timber flooring is your chance. Right here and now you can make the choice to switch to sustainable flooring and do your part.


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