The ABCs Of Concrete Cleaner

Is the thought of cleaning concrete surfaces giving you stress? You may have a preconceived notion that cleaning your concrete is a tiring job but knowing the right cleaning solution takes your worries away. Generally, concrete surfaces are easy to clean. You just need a mild detergent solution diluted with water and you are good to go. In case the stains and grime are not removed on your first application, all you need to do is to repeat the process. Carpet cleaners are not fussy. Usually, they are ready to use and all you have to do is to follow the correct cleaning procedure. However, it still pays to know which carpet cleaner you should use as concrete surfaces may contain stubborn dirt especially for surfaces with heavy traffic.

Know The Concrete Cleaning Basics

There are three cleaning methods involved in concrete cleaning and these are pressure washing, water washing and steam cleaning. Each of them has different intensity level and should be combined with detergents and chemicals to maximize their effectiveness. If you only worry about mild dirt, using bleach or detergents will definitely suffice. You can use pH Neutral cleaners as this is mild to concrete surface. It is specifically designed for surfaces with are made of sealed concrete. After cleaning the surface with pH Neutral concrete cleaner you can simply mop up or vacuum residue. You can buy this type of cleaner from hardware stores, janitorial and concrete distribution outlets.

However, there are stains that cannot be eradicated by using mild solutions and this is where acidic cleaners come in. If your concrete surface has stains or dirt that is hard to wash away with simple cleaning solutions, you can turn to acidic concrete cleaner, as this contains stronger chemical. It is also available in specialty concrete distribution outlets.

Concrete degreasers are suitable for removing grease and oil. It is also less expensive because 1 gallon of this concrete cleaner is capable of cleaning 4000 square feet of concrete. This solution should be diluted with water and they are designed to be more aggressive on stains. Although using the solution can be time-consuming, it still yields positive results. This is why if you intend to use concrete degreasers, you should allow enough time for the solution to work. Degreasers are available online and at concrete distribution outlets.

There are cleaners that can be combined with other types of cleaners but they are usually hard to find. If stains are difficult to eradicate, you may also contact Concrete Cleaner to do the job.

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