The Benefits of Handmade Patchwork Quilt

People use quilts for warmth during the cold days. The quilts are likened to a comforter, the materials are meant to provide extra heat especially during the winter months. Babies sleep well if they are bundled up with handmade patchwork quilt as the fabrics are very soft and tender to the skin. What’s more? The fabrics are of the highest quality, meaning the fabrics are sourced from cotton trees that are grown organically. No pesticides and fungicides are used, so babies will not suffer from any skin irritations and allergies.

The handmade patchwork quilt is a unique gift that you can give to your loved ones. They will certainly find it very useful. Not only is it available in pretty designs that you can view online but you can also personalize the handmade patchwork quilt. The name of the recipient can be added on the quilt, the favorite designs or anything that is of importance to the recipient can be added, making the handmade patchwork quilt not only a work of art but a statement that you give importance to the recipient by thinking of the stuff that is close to her heart.

Types of quilts

The quilts come in different sizes. A small quilt can only measure 10 inches by 10 inches while the large quilts can measure 120 inches by 120 inches. You can find online the different sizes of quilts that are available. Majority of quilts are made from 100% cotton, but some are also made from cotton and silk materials for added softness.

Brief history of handmade patchwork quilt

It is the sole responsibility of the women to make handmade quilts since time immemorial. The quilts are used at night time for warmth and good sleep. It is also through quilt making that the women get to gather and form a group for socialization purposes. They also make quilts for the wedding of their daughters. Now quilts are made not just for utilitarian purposes but also as a form of hobby for some women. These women make handmade patchwork quilt which they sell online.

You will love their work as each quilt is made meticulously and lovingly for you or the person that you wish to give the quilt as a gift. They have assorted design which you can view online or you can have the handmade patchwork quilt customized. The materials are very soft and durable and will not cause any allergic reactions even from susceptible persons like babies.

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