The Don’ts of Day Tours Sri Lanka

While embarking on day tours Sri Lanka offers an exciting proposition, you must thread with caution as a tourist. That means familiarizing yourself with the clichéd saying, “when in Rome, behave like the Romans.” Contravening set rules of an established society wouldn’t exactly go down well. Actions and words can sometimes be easily misunderstood and miscommunicated amidst cultural and lifestyle differences.

Do not ride the elephants. Sri Lankans do not like elephant riding very much. They may be courteous and hospitable enough to not tell it to you right in the face, but it definitely is not the best adventure you would want to embark on.

Do not Display affection publicly. Public display of affection between couples wouldn’t be accepted in warm embraces considering how religiously conscious Sri Lanka is. The most you could do as a couple is to hold hands. You may want to save the rest for when it is just the two of you in a room.

Never eat with the left hand. Sri Lankans deem eating with the left hand as unclean. Similarly, whenever you set out to eat as a tourist on day tours Sri Lanka, never get curry on your palms—Sri Lankans consider that as savage.

Dress decently. Being a religiously conscious society, Sri Lankans frown upon indecent dressing, especially amongst women. Unless you are at the beach, wearing short skirts or miniskirts, short shorts, see-through dresses, crop tops and other numerous skimpy dresses must be avoided, lest you attract stares and comments from onlookers.

While on day tours Sri Lanka, ensure o be friendly, as Sri Lankans themselves are known for their friendliness. Be friendly to even the pushy and annoying ones, you do not want to come off as rude, especially not in a strange land.

Respect their religious standards and values. Do not dress indecently or have shoes on around temple premises. You do not want to get in their bad books because Sri Lankans take religion very seriously. Indecent dressing around temple premises is seen as disrespectful and should be avoided. Adhere to Sri Lankan standards at all times.

Do not even attempt to test-drive a car.

It is worth noting that as a visitor on day tours Sri Lanka, avoiding government buildings and all political gatherings is a must. You do not want to poke your nose where it is not needed, especially not in something as sensitive.


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